Based in Norwich, Clare offers the following massage treatments:

Remedial Massage

Focused intense work for specific problem areas of injury or pain.
Trigger point therapy, soft tissue and myofascial release are used for improvement of conditions.
The massage with the ‘Good Pain’ factor! Find out more…

Deep Tissue Massage

Releases toxins with slow strokes and deep pressure allowing blood and oxygen to circulate more efficiently.
Eliminates congestion. Find out more…

Therapeutic Massage

Holistic treatment of the whole body, working muscle groups to enhance relaxation and encourage sleep.
Great for indulging in some well deserved time out!

Indian Head Massage

Releases stress that has built up in the muscles, joints and tissues of the head, face, neck and shoulders.  This is a calming massage used to relieve stress, tension, headaches and fatigue.

Pregnancy massage

Ideal from 3 months to delivery day! This massage focuses on those areas of the body under the most pressure for example;
lower-back pain, sciatica, carpel tunnel syndrome….. Carried out in an ergonomic massage chair to enable a thorough back massage.¬†Alternatively you may lay side lying on the heated table or with the Body Cushion. Find out more…

Posture analysis

Bad posture can strain muscles and put tension on the whole body. Over time it can lead to problems with muscles, discs and joints.
Focus on the posture can strengthen weak areas and help to prevent further issues.

Optimum Massage Norwich, Clare Corcoran

Each massage offered by Clare can benefit you by improving

  • circulation
  • relieving stress and tension
  • relaxing the mind and body
  • detoxing the muscles
  • preventing further ailments
  • increasing knowledge on taking care of yourself